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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The tape linked below is a preview of an attack on the American economy starting with J P Morgan Chase in May of 2011. Has Beck been suckered or is what a lot of us have feared been better documented. One of the principles of propaganda is to deny others the ability to quote the propagandist in a lie and to mix in enough truth that people will lie to themselves. The words of this former SEIU executive fit that if this tape is real. The Pentagon report suggesting that there was a possibility of an economic terrorist attack on the American economy a few years ago might indicate that this is not the first attack on the American economy.

Beck has requested statements from the White House and FBI for his show this evening.

A tape of a meeting in which a May 2011 assault on America’s economy was acquired by Beck and copies were forwarded to Chase, a chosen target, and to the Department of Justice.
Steve Lerner, a high level organizer and former SEIU leader, is one of the speakers on this tape in which a plan to create economic chaos is outlined. One of the participants refers to Cloward – Pivens http://cloward-piven.com/
Quote: Cloward-Piven is a strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The strategy was first proposed in 1966 by Columbia University political scientists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven as a plan to bankrupt the welfare system and produce radical change. Sometimes known as the "crisis strategy" or the the "flood-the-rolls, bankrupt-the-cities strategy," the Cloward-Piven approach called for swamping the welfare rolls with new applicants - more than the system could bear. It was hoped that the resulting economic collapse would lead to political turmoil and ultimately socialism.

Some of these people are reaching internationally and there is enough awareness that they have come more out in the open in spite of Lerner’s admonition that the union must not be connected to organizing this assault.

Listen to this recording or watch Glenn Beck TV to see what he actually shows and states. Then listen to those who discuss what he shows and states and it will give a clear understanding of who stands where. Note that I did not state my pre-judgement because each of us is obligated to gather information, vette it and share it with each other. By our vetting the information and sharing the results with each other we can test our analysis and tune up how we make our decisions.


I have a good comparison of the two sides by them. One is shown to school children and the other is a description of the benefit of a free enterprise America by an entrepenuer:




Some Americans rejected capitalism and relocated to Russia during the Great Depression. The better life which they sought is described in, “the book, The Forsake: An American Tragedy In Stalin’s Russia by Tim Tzouliadis is a stark and tragic account of what happened in the 1930’s to thousands of Americans as a result of not knowing what communism was all about.”